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So Good Banana French Toast by Christian

On Saturday we made banana french toast and it was good.  Let me show you the pictures of how we made it.

First we got the bread ready and the banana mixture

Then we put the bread in the banana mxiture

After it was cooked by my dad it looked really good with the strawberries.

This is me.  I couldn't wait to eat it.

My mom cut it in sticks to dip it in the syrup.   It tasted like banana bread in a fantastic way!   I will ask my mom to type the recipe.

The Chicken Wafflewich

Saturday was a late rise for us and the perfect morning for brunch.  We had some delicious savory waffles in the fridge left over from Friday & there is always boneless skinless chicken in the freezer. So Millard put together a Chicken Wafflewich.  It was delicious!  To keep the carbs in check he split the waffles down the center, just as you would a bagel.  He then did the same with the boneless skinless chicken breast to keep the calorie count down... added a little lettuce and cheese and it was ready to eat!

The perfect side: Artichoke-Tomato Salad

I love artichokes!  And the kids love black olives!  So this one popped off the page while flipping through an old binder full of recipe clippings.  Typically, side salads tend to be a little difficult for us.  Potato and pasta salads are too high in carbs, but I think this is the perfect salad for my family.

I loved that this salad was easily put together within minutes.  Buying the sliced olives and grape tomatoes were time-saving which made it even quicker.

As I am typing this Christian wanted to add his comments: "This was really good!  My favorite was the black olives and tomatoes and I found out that I liked the artichokes too.  The cheese was really, really good, but a little bit spicy".  (The feta was flavored which may be why he found it a little spicy)

Artichoke-Tomato Salad
1.  A can of artichoke quarters

2.  Tomatoes (I used grape tomatoes)

3.  A can of sliced black olives (I just used a      handful to keep the calories in check)

4.  Small amount of feta crumble…

Blogging keeps me honest

This whole lifestyle change is pretty hard to stick with sometimes.  We've been doing pretty "okay", but I've found that my blog entries keep me honest so I'm back for more.  Daily blogging kept me on top of things and also helped me keep better track of what we ate. 

Christian is interested in hopefully making some video entries of his cooking experiences.  That should be fun.  And now that Alexander is two, he is getting more involved with helping in the kitchen as well.  Christian helped get all the ingredients together, Daddy chopped & diced and Alexander put them all into the pot for a nice pot of soup.