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Quick Veggie Tray

Alexander is my picky eater, he turns his nose up at most anything you put in front of him, BUT... he does love his raw veggies!  Last night we went to get groceries and he was super excited to pick out his snacks for the week.  His choices were broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots!  He proudly sorted through the produce to get the best looking vegetables while big brother Christian fetched produce bags to place it all in.  They work great together.  :)

Today, I've been cleaning house and getting organized for the upcoming week.  I don't know if your fridge is anything like mine, but the produce is stuffed in there and gets lost and forgotten about until you find it all wilted and wasted.  I find that its best to prep everything right after a shopping trip and have it ready for when the kids want it. So I took a break from laundry to tackle the veggies...

I tossed the veggies in the sink to clean

and chopped them up.

And I know that I have a nice veggie platter somewhere, but I …

Back to the blog.

Hello my friends!  I've been away for way too long!  I keep talking about getting back into my blog routine, but hey - life keeps getting in the way!  My boys are now 3 and 10 and are totally awesome!!  They've been suggesting that we should start taking pictures of our meals again which I think is a big hint that they too miss the fun of blogging about our food.  The thing is, blogging used to keep us on track... keep us honest!  It challenged us!!  But it just got to become so time-consuming.  Slowly, quick fix and boxed meals have been creeping into our kitchen and menu planning has pretty much disappeared.  So here we go at another attempt to get back at it!  Wish us luck!!!