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Welcoming the School Year

1st Day of Grade 3
The school year is here and its time to get creative with the lunchbox meals.  This was a short 3-day week so meals have been kept simple with sandwiches 2 days and a pizza burger another.  I am putting together next weeks ideas which include a Pizza Pasta Salad.  Mmmm!  Christian is getting very vocal as to which fruit he wants to pack or if he wants ham vs. turkey on his sandwich. That`s great though because he is picking the things that I know he will eat at school and I don`t have to worry about it being trashed.  He is choosing water for his new drink thermos and, unlike last year, he is drinking it and bringing it home empty or near empty.  I am working very hard to continue to balance his meals and to keep from throwing in those extra grains.


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Aztec Blend

I was at the Bulk Barn last week and decided to try out one of their rice blends. It is Aztec Blend #1656. It includes colusari red rice, long grain brown rice, split peas, and amaranth. I had no idea what some of those ingredients were but figured anything's worth a try, right? When I got home I looked up colusari rice & amaranth. Colusari rice is a burgundy-colored chewy rice that has a light nutty-popcorn-like flavor and amaranth is actually an herb.

It was very simple to prepare & actually pretty good. The peas were a little crunchy which added nice texture. I was surprised that both kids really liked it.

Banna-Nutella Tortilla Wrap

While standing in the grocery store line last week I was flipping through a cooking magazine and came across this idea.  I thought it was the perfect after school surprise for Christian.

First I spread the nutella on a tortilla.

Then I put a peeled banana on it.

Rolled it up...

...and it was ready to eat.

Christian shared it with his little brother and they both gobbled it up.  A little messy... for Alexander especially, but worth it.

Raspberry Picking with Alexander

Two weeks ago we took Alexander raspberry picking.  He dressed up in long sleeves and pants to protect his legs from the raspberry vines and his rainy day boots in hopes of a puddle to splash in.