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Yummy Salad

Salad can get boring so today I got creative... romaine lettuce, a little ranch mixed in with the lettuce... then shredded cheddar, raspberries, grape halves, strawberry, and just a few almonds. A nice fresh salad for a warm day. Yum!


  1. So did this salad manage to keep you full all afternoon? I find that salads (but soup even more so) don't tend to keep me full until suppertime!

  2. Surprisingly I did ok. I was keeping busy in the yard so my mind wasn't on eating, but by meal time again I was starving. It was delicious though!

  3. OOOHHH...YUM! I love fruit in my salad! I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, it's been a crazy couple of weeks...good crazy! I forgot to tell you about my large zucchini...well, I don't eat them plain that large. I use them in zucchini bread and such when they get that big. After every rain, I can count on getting a couple that big. Now my cucumbers, beans, and crowder peas are going wild! Take care!


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