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Pudding Dessert

Who doesn't like dessert?
Christian wants dessert every day and would be happy if he could have ice cream day after day after day... Ha! So would I! But we all know that we can't do that. Instead I try to come up with lighter desserts ideas.

Fat Free Jello Pudding has been a great option for us. It's approx 70 calories per half a cup and zero sugar! Dress it up with some fruit and a cute glass and Christian is happy. I picked these glasses up at the dollar store and Christian thinks they are the coolest thing since sliced bread.

For this dessert I used a can of Fruit with cherries and Jello White Chocolate Fat Free Pudding. I put the fruit in the bottom, then pudding, just a little cool whip and then Christian wanted some candy sprinkles on top. Simple, easy and light. It put a big smile on Christian's face and he said it was as good as an ice cream sundae.


  1. I can't tell from the photo if Christian's more excited about the dessert or the glass it's served in! Great job, coming up with a lighter version of an ice cream dessert.

  2. I know! He thinks that they are expensive glasses. I guess they look fancy to him.


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