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BBQ Chicken Rub

Yup, chicken again! Don't be surprised if we start clucking soon. We do tend to eat quite a lot of chicken anyway, but we recently hit a good sale on whole chicken legs so we took full advantage of it.

What's bbq chicken without seasoning? Only thing is we are cutting our sodium intake these days. Most bought mixes are absolutely full of sodium... not heart healthy! So... I searched online and found a low sodium rub at :

Rub #2 - The Mild One
A sweeter, less spicy rub for grilling and smoking.

1/2 c Paprika
2 T Black Pepper,Freshly Ground
1/3 c Brown Sugar
2 T Chili Powder
2 T Onion Powder
2 T Garlic Powder

Mix well, store in a cool dark place.

Yield: 22 Servings

'The Mild One' was rubbed on the chicken and grilled to perfection. Of course I took the fat off first! It was very tasty and crusted nicely on the outside, but was moist and tender on the inside. I served it with Corn on the Cob with just a little chili seasoning sprinkled over them and some drained & rinsed canned green beans and mushrooms. I know it won't get all the sodium off them by rinsing canned veggies under water, but at least it's an effort. Once our stock in the pantry is used up I will start buying 'no salt added' veggies.


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