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Taco Pizza

We usually save pizza for Saturday nights, but this week we decided to have Taco Pizza on a Thursday evening for dinner. Instead of using a huge pizza pan I made individual sized pizzas to keep up with portion control. Everyone liked them, even Alexander who is 13 1/2 months old.

The pizza was simple. We always keep some lean ground beef with taco seasoning in the freezer for quick meals and I bought some Greek Pita Breads with the thought of using them for pizza crusts.

My Pita Taco Pizza

Greek Pita Bread
Lean Ground Beef w/ Taco Seasoning (pre-heated)
Cheddar Cheese
Shredded Lettuce
Diced Tomato
Sliced Black Olives

Place the pita breads out on a greased pizza pan and evenly distribute taco meat over each pita. Top with shredded cheese. Bake in the oven at 400 degrees until cheese melts. Remove from oven and layer salsa, lettuce, tomato, & olives.


  1. This looks delicious! Probably the "freshest" pizza I've ever seen:)


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