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Curry Turkey Burgers with Thai Slaw

Over the past year we've learned that Christian seems to have more stomach issues with ground beef so we have been steering away from as much as possible.  A great alternative is ground turkey.  The one thing that we've learned is that ground turkey is rather bland and needs lots of seasoning to make it tasty.  So last week I dug through my recipes in search of some bold ground turkey recipes and got my game plan together.  Then I stopped by Costco and picked up a bulk package of ground turkey.

I have things down to a system now... I pick out the recipes, do the grocery shopping and then hand it over to Millard who puts it all together.  He made up the a few different burgers and meatballs, packaged them up and stuck them in the freezer... ready for me to take out and cook when I need them.  It makes life so much easier and is possibly just as quick as a fast food pit stop.

To the left is the Curry Turkey Burger with Thai Slaw that we had last week.  The burger recipe was Millard's own concoction and was full of flavor. I topped them with lettuce, tomato and American cheese.  I also made a curry-mango chutney mayo to go on mine and Millard's.  The sauce was great, but a little strong so be careful!    
Curry-Mango Mayo
4 T Mayo (or 2 T Mayo + 2 T Yogurt)
1 T Mango Chutney
1/2 t Curry

The Thai Slaw complimented the burger nicely.  The idea and recipe came from Rachel Ray.  The recipe called for shredded cabbage coleslaw mix from the produce section, but instead I used my head of cabbage and baby carrots.  I sliced them very thinly and then put the recipe together and tossed it in the fridge for a few hours.  I chopped peanuts and put stored them separately to sprinkle on top during plating.

I am always thinking and planning ahead so while I had the cabbage out I went ahead and used my box shredder to shred up my cabbage and carrots for coleslaw for an upcoming meal.  This way it'll make another meal that much quicker and easier to prepare.

Alexander is my picky eater, but he absolutely LOVES anything that includes ground turkey.  Here he is with his burger almost all gone.  The smile says it all!

Overall, the meal was tasty and we all enjoyed it.  It felt nice and light and, apart from my acid reflux from the mayo, we will make these again.  However, I think I'll try a different mayo next time.


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