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Tortellini, Tortellini

Christian and his dad are both fans of soup. Me, not so much. I have decided to start making soup because it can be a low-cal meal and to feed my family what they like. Although I am nearing my mid-30's I only consider myself a beginner cook and made my first pot of soup just a few weeks ago. I used to think that soup was difficult, but learned quickly that chicken stock is my new best friend. Yesterday I made a tortellini soup with my trusty chicken stock, minced garlic, onion, spinach, a little potato, can of tomatoes, and tortellini with a side of mini crab balls stuffed with mixed veggies. The tortellini were Christian's favorite part of the soup, of course.

Christian has always had an afterschool snack, but it was never something planned. He'd just raid the pantry when he'd get home. More lately I'm preparing snacks to be ready & waiting for him. Last night I pulled some tortellini from the remaining soup, rinsed them & put them in a container with a little summer sausage to toss in today's lunchbox until I remembered that I had pre-paid for caffeteria lunch. I changed it to his afterschool snack. Christian was happy to see more tortelini. After rethinking it I should've substituted the sausage with a fruit and maybe less tortellini for a snack portion. This is a learning experience & I'll get it right.


  1. that soup looks really good! I love making soup. I use my crockpot a lot for it and just toss whatever in. Great job!

  2. Thanks Melissa. Ah crockpot soup - I like that idea! I don't know why I thought before that making soup was so difficult.


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