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Ground Turkey-Stuffed Peppers

They say that ground turkey is a great healthier alternative to ground beef, but I thought that it would be bland and tasteless.  I was wrong!  A few weeks ago I picked up some pretty red peppers and had a hankering for stuffed peppers.  Yes, a hankering!  And with trying to stay on track I picked up a package of ground turkey to stuff them with. 

I knew that I had to give it a burst of flavor so I grated some carrot and diced up some peppers, onions, and a little garlic. The butter was calling my name, but I kept my composure and sauteed them in a little olive oil.  I removed them from the pan and put the ground turkey in there with a little freshly ground pepper and oregano.  When it was about finished I put the sauteed veggies back in to blend with the meat.  I took a little taste test and I was pleased with the flavor.

It was time to put them together now, but I was putting cooked meat into a raw peppers so I nuked the peppers first in the microwave for a few minutes to cook them a little and lessen the actual cook time in the oven.  I could've blanched them in hot water, but who wanted to deal with that on a summer's afternoon.  Turning on the toaster oven was bad enough!  Anyway, I had some Ragu sauce in the pantry that needed used up so I spread 1 cup of Ragu in the bottom of a pan.  Then I stuffed the peppers and placed each one into the Ragu sauce.  I sprinkled each pepper with just a little mozzarella cheese and spooned about a tablespoon of Ragu over the top.  I put them in the preheated toaster oven for about 30 minutes.

They turned out really nice.  Christian ate his meat, but didn't eat all of the pepper.  I am going to try to make more things with ground turkey.  I found a Taco Turkey Burger recipe that I hope to try out before summer's out.


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Aztec Blend

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